Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Get the Maximum out of Selling Used Car

By: Kundan Bajaj

If you are planning to buy a new car but are in a fix due to the uncertain fate of the old car, this article will help in allaying any nagging fears that are desisting you from making a positive move. This might not come as news to you but the market for used cars in India is leaping at a rapid rate. So, your old car can actually help you in buying the car of your dreams. And how? Just follow some simple steps to maximize your earnings on selling your used car and take off some pressure off buying an expensive new one.

First and foremost, get your old car fixed for all minor and cosmetic repairs that will enhance its looks. The denting and painting job won’t cost you much but could shield the ugly features that could put the prospective buyer in a fix. If the car needs major repair work, there is no point in spending that much money on the car you are, otherwise, not keen on keeping.

In order to buy/sell cars in India, you need to advertise your old car at proper forum. The newspaper classifieds are one place that can be explored to advertise your used cars for sale. Another alternative that is gaining popularity is the sale through popular India’s auto portal on the Internet. These portals offer lucrative deals on cheap Indian used cars. Anyone anywhere can just log on to the Internet and buy used cars in India at the click of the mouse. The best deals for second hand car for sale in India can be struck through the Internet with plethora of choices classified according to make/model/budget etc. Explore all the options and arrive at the best decision that would maximize your return on the old car.

After fixing a competitive price for your used car, never give-in to too much bargaining by the customers. And most importantly, try to deal directly with the customer in order to avoid commission by the middlemen.

Remember, only you know the real worth of your car and it is imperative that only you decide the price of your car.

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